FAT is a company manufacturing for over 10 years experience a wide range of both standard and customized industrial power single-phase and three-phase transformers and autotransformers.

Our mission is to be a reliable business partner and to provide customers with high-quality and competitively-priced products.

We control the whole manufacturing process: from planning and development to realisation and testing.

Our products can be widely applied in industry, railway, medicine, control panels, energy transportation,. Special attention is paid to renewable energy high yield isolation transformers.

Thanks to our flexibility and to a sufficiently large stock of materials and spare parts, we can meet the needs of our customers for quality and prompt delivery both for sampling and important contracts. FAT grants a standard 13-month manufacturer’s warranty for each of its products.

13 months

Express delivery
all over the World

Single-phase Transformers
We manufacture all power single-phase transformers Type “EI” (photo 1) – Type “UI”... maggiori informazioni >
200 VA Single-Phase Autotransformers - Autotrasformatore monofase.
Single-phase Autotransformers
We manufacture all power single-phase autotransformers Type “EI” (photo 1) – Type... maggiori informazioni >
30 KVA Three-Phase Transformers - Trasformatore Trifase.
Three-phase Transformers
We manufacture all power three-phase transformers with diverse input/output socket options as per... maggiori informazioni >
100 KVA Three Phase Autotransformers
Three-phase Autotransformers
We manufacture all power single-phase autotransformers with diverse input/output socket options as... maggiori informazioni >
Trasformatore portatile in cassetta
Boxed Transformer
On demand our transformers and autotransformers can be fitted in ready-to-use metal boxes with... maggiori informazioni >
12500 VA Three to Single Phase Transformers.
Three to single-phase transformers
Three to single-phase transformers have a three-phase input and a single-phase output. They are... maggiori informazioni >
320.000 VA Renewable Energy Tranformers - Trasformatori per energie rinnovabili.
Renewable energy transformers
We manufacture any power renewable energy (photovoltaic/wind turbine systems) high yield isolation... maggiori informazioni >
55 KW-Reactors - Reattanze.
We realize a wide range of three-phase reactors for starting electric motors, below we show the... maggiori informazioni >

According to the type and the specifications of the transformer required, both copper and aluminium are used as conducting materials,

low loss lamination is employed in magnetic nuclei manufacturing, while class “B”, “F” or “H” insulation materials ensure a long life to cast-resin transformers.

The positive feedback received by our regular and constantly growing new customers has allowed FAT to expand its market almost worldwide.