Boxed Transformers

Boxed Transformer

On demand our transformers and autotransformers can be fitted in ready-to-use metal boxes with degrees of protection as per your requirements.
These portable transformers can be used on all projects/construction sites/job sites in general to provide power to electrical motors, tools, refrigeration systems, lighting systems etc.etc.

Custom-made as per your requirements, please contact us for other specific information and prices.

13 months

Express delivery
all over the World


We provide:

  • A 2 m. long neoprene power cable.
  • Power plug for direct mains connecting.
  • Output ICE socket.
  • Output voltage warning light.
  • Fuse holders or breakers for overload and short circuit protection.
  • Transport handles.

Other options:

  • Fan for a better disposal of the transformer’s dissipated power.
  • Bridge rectifier for DC output.