Fat manifacture single-phase 100 VA to 100.000 V.A autotransformers with imput and/or output socket options as per your specifications

Single-phase Autotransformers

We manufacture all power single-phase autotransformers Type “EI” (photo 1) – Type “UI” (photo 2) with diverse input/output socket options as per your requirements: on DIN Rails, with/without fuse terminal blocks and/or special insulation.
Here below are approximate weights/measures of our single-phase auto-transformers: input 400V/output 230V of indicated power.

Please contact us for specific information on more input and/or output socket options.
After receiving your special requirements/specifications we will be back to you with a detailed cost estimate rapidly.

Together we will develop your projects!

13 months

Express delivery
all over the World

Image 1 – Single-phase autotransformers

example model with lamination type EI

Image 2 – Single-phase autotransformers

example model with lamination type UI


  • Class “I” transformer (Earth terminal)
  • Low loss lamination
  • Protection degree IP00
  • Class F insulation
  • Total saturation with insulating paint
  • Copper wire or aluminum windings
  • Protected terminal blocks
  • Open design

P.tot  Dissipated power.
Vcc %   Short circuit voltage percentage.
DV %  No load to full load voltage drop rate.
1 Snap on 35 mm DIN Rail mounting available on demand.

On demand we provide specific information and prices for different power options, special configurations, fuse or welded wire terminal blocks.

Our products can be fitted in ready-to-use  metal box  as per your specifications and requirements.