Three to single-phase transformers

Three to single-phase transformers

Three to single-phase transformers have a three-phase input and a single-phase output.
They are particularly handy when it is necessary to power a big single-phase load but only a three-phase system is available. The three to single-phase transformer allows an excellent distribution of the power absorbed by a single-phase load on all three phases.

Here below are approximate weights/measures of the three to single-phase transformers: input 380V/output 220V of indicated power. Our three to single-phase transformers can be custom-made with power input and/or output as per your requirements.

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Image 1 – Three to single-phase transformers

Image 2 – Three to single-phase transformers


Our transformers are manufactured with the best quality materials on the market, low loss lamination, electrolytic double polish copper or aluminum windings, insulating paint, Class F insulation, protected terminal blocks, open design.

  • Input voltage (three-phase) 380V
  • Output voltage (single-phase) 220V
  • Frequency 50-60 Hz

P.tot  Dissipated power.
Vcc %   Short circuit voltage percentage.
DV %  No load to full load voltage drop rate.

On demand we provide specific information and prices for different power options, special configurations, fuse or welded wire terminal blocks.

Our products can be fitted in ready-to-use  metal box  as per your specifications and requirements.